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H-500 Double magazine horizontal machining center

Model: H-500

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

Main characteristics of h-500 horizontal machining center with double magazine
The movable column and inverted T-shaped bed structure are adopted, and the foundation large parts are analyzed by finite element method, which improves the rigidity and seismic resistance of the whole machine;
High acceleration and deceleration, acceleration up to 0.7G, high fast moving speed, and high acceleration and deceleration motorized spindle can realize high-speed machining;
High precision, three-axis positioning accuracy, repeated positioning accuracy error is less than 0.008/0.005mm, and the turntable can be divided arbitrarily to realize four-axis linkage;
Double tool magazine structure, equipped with 42 optional tool positions, which can meet all the needs of your processing tools. The high-speed servo tool change time is as low as 6 seconds, which is fast and stable and reduces the non processing time; Fully enclosed shield and chain type chip removal are adopted to reduce the labor intensity of operators.
Inheriting the stability characteristics of vertical machining and taking into account the process requirements of horizontal machining, H series high-speed horizontal machining center integrates advanced design concepts and creates a new intelligent product. Through analysis and calculation, the rib cavity structure is optimized. The thick integral resin sand molding bed design is more suitable for the machine tool structure of heavy cutting of large parts. It adopts ultra wide guide rail structure, combined with three-axis heavy roller guide rail and equipped with integrated high-speed motorized spindle, which can deal with the processing of various materials from high speed and high precision to heavy cutting processing, from aluminum parts, steel parts to castings, and can better meet the needs of lathe customers. Product application: precision machining in automobile, aerospace, petroleum, electric power, locomotive, plastic machinery, engineering machinery, 3C, 5g consumer electronics and other industries.
Processed sample

Technical parameters:

名称 单位 H-500
行程 左右(X) mm 1000
前后(Y) mm 600
上下(Z) mm 700
工作台中心到主管端面的距离 mm 125-825
工作台端面到主轴中心的距离 mm 100-700
工作台尺寸 mm 500*500
工作台中心孔 rpm φ50H7
螺纹孔 /
T型槽 5处18H7间距100
总减速比 144
分割精度 sec 15
重复精度 sec 6
工作台大载重 kg 600
主轴高转速 rpm 12000
主轴锥度 7:24(BT40)
主轴功率(额定) Kw 11/18.5(低速/高速)
额定扭矩 Nm 32/29.5(低速/高速)
快递进给速度 mm/min 36000
切削进给速度 mm/min 30000
刀具容量 PC 17*2
刀具大经(满刀/邻空刀) mm φ120/φ220
刀具大长度 mm 250
刀具大重量 Kg 6
大偏刀重量 Kg 24
单刀库大载刀重量 Kg 32
大工件尺寸 mm φ1000*φ1000
外形尺寸(长宽高) mm 3810*3220*2670
定位精度(全行程) mm 0.01
重复精度 mm 0.008
机械重量(大约) Kg 7200

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