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T-1160l vertical machining center

Model: T-1160L

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

T-1160l vertical machining center is a classic product with medium and small specifications and high cost performance. The C-type structure two wire rail hard rail vertical machining center machine tool is adopted. After one clamping, the workpiece can automatically and continuously complete the processing of milling, drilling, boring, expanding, dumpling, German, tapping and other processes. 10. The y-axis adopts the linear rolling guide rail pair with high-speed movement, and the z-axis adopts the hard rail with high rigidity, so that the vibration of the machine tool is small when feeding at high speed and there is no crawling when feeding at low speed, which has both the high speed of the wire rail machine and the high rigidity of the hard rail machine. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing and other industries, especially automobile manufacturing and motorcycle manufacturing.
Main features:
The z-axis adopts rectangular hard rail
The z-axis adopts rectangular hard rail, with high rigidity, heavy cutting and good shock absorption effect
Chip removal adopts double screw row (optional)
The chip removal adopts double screw row, which is automatic, humanized and efficient.
High rigidity, low friction and low noise
10. The y-axis guide rail adopts 45 large line rail, with high rigidity, low friction and low noise.
Processed samples:

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