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High precision gantry five axis CNC horizontal boring machine

Model: five axis CNC

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

The high-precision gantry five axis linkage NC horizontal boring machine adopts mineral body. In addition to the basic functions of heavy-duty horizontal machine tool, it can also carry out NC machining of conical surface, curved surface, step shaft, groove and thread. Equipped with different accessories, it can carry out milling, grinding, boring and crankshaft processing, and can automatically set the tool and automatically measure the workpiece size. It has the function of deep hole boring. The spindle speed is 100-12000r / min, the fast moving speed is 24m / min, the positioning accuracy is ± 8um, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 4um, which will have a great impact on improving the manufacturing level of energy power generation industry, new energy automobile industry and ocean going ships, It is of great strategic significance to improve the level of China's equipment intelligent manufacturing industry, so that enterprises have a great advantage in the field of domestic milling and boring powerful CNC machine tools. It is believed that the market demand will gradually increase in the future. The technology of contemporary horizontal boring and milling machine and floor milling and boring machine has developed very fast, which is mainly reflected in the renewal of design concept and the great improvement of machine tool running speed and manufacturing process level. On the other hand, the structure of machine tool has changed greatly, and the application of new technology is emerging one after another. The structure of the horizontal boring and milling machine is developing towards the high-speed motorized spindle, and the floor type milling and boring machine is developing towards the ram type (without boring shaft). The functional accessories show the development trend of high-speed, multi axis linkage and diversified structural types, which will be the new trend of Technological Development in the next period.
High precision gantry five axis CNC horizontal boring machine

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