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CK series inclined bed CNC lathe

Model: CK 450/500/630/800/

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

CK 450/500/630/800/500D

CNC lathe with inclined bed is an automatic machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. Equipped with multi station turret or power turret, the machine tool has a wide range of process performance. It can process linear cylinder, oblique cylinder, circular arc, various threads, grooves, worms and other complex workpieces. It has various compensation functions of linear interpolation and circular arc interpolation, and has played a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.
Equipment performance and characteristics
1. It can be equipped with rear chip conveyor with large working space, and can accommodate accessories with special functions such as special fixture and automatic loading and unloading. It is especially suitable for forming a production line. 2. For precision related parts such as bed, saddle, lead screw and support, the structure and machining accuracy are carefully optimized, and the assembly control items are added, so that the accuracy and reliability of the whole machine are greatly improved, the repeated positioning accuracy is increased by 30%, and individual performance indexes meet the standard of precision machine tool.
3. Precise and fast vertical and horizontal drive: the machine tool adopts ball screw and linear roller guide rail, which has high transmission efficiency and good precision retention, so that the tool holder of the machine tool moves quickly and stably and has high positioning accuracy.

4. High efficiency and low noise design: the main transmission system of the machine tool is driven by AC servo motor, which is combined with high efficiency parallel V-belt to directly drive the main shaft. The noise problem caused by the transmission chain of the gearbox is avoided.

5. High speed and high rigidity spindle: NSK precision high-speed spindle bearing group is adopted at the front and rear ends of the spindle, and appropriate preload is applied, combined with ideal span support and box spindle box, so that the spindle has high rigidity and high-speed operation ability.

6. High reliability tool holder: equipped with high rigidity hydraulic tool tower, it has high reliability and repeated positioning accuracy.

7. Chip removal cooling system: the independent chip removal cooling system is equipped with large flow cooling pump and chain chip removal device to provide forced cooling and automatic chip removal for turning.

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