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Cks61160 high speed CNC lathe

Model: CKS61160

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

Detailed introduction to cks61160 high speed CNC lathe:
In the same level, the guide rail is wider and can bear more than 6 tons. It is an ideal equipment for batch processing of medium and large-scale precision and complex parts.
For more than 60 years, Jinling turning center has been an indispensable machine tool for many NC machining workshops. The new CKY / CKS series CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe successfully defines universal turning again. It can mainly undertake all kinds of turning work, and all its structures are designed and manufactured according to the modular and universal requirements of NC machine tools. It can turn the outer circle, end face, inner hole, groove and other processes of various parts. At the same time, it is also suitable for strong turning of cemented carbide tools to process various ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. The main large parts are designed with advanced computer technology and optimized finite element analysis method, so that most of the machine tools can bear the maximum load as much as possible, with reasonable design and exquisite material selection.
Performance characteristics:
1. Green mode, high energy efficiency and low emission machine tools, saving up to 30% energy compared with the original model.
2. The machine bed is an integral box three rectangular guide rail structure, which is made of high-standard cast iron (HT300). After secondary aging treatment, it has good stability, wide guide rail surface, good rigidity, strong vibration resistance and precision retention. It is especially suitable for heavy cutting. Precision grinding by imported guide rail grinder ensures long service life, high precision and good retention.
3. This research and development improves the performance of the machine tool and enhances the expansibility of customized design, aiming to improve the machining efficiency and cost performance of the machine tool. According to the different needs of different industries and customers for machine tools, our modular system adopts high-tech components, which can be customized according to your personalized needs. In order to maximize the market and profit with the products that best match the customers, our newly developed CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe has two basic types: heavy-duty type and high-speed type.
① Heavy duty type (Y Series); rectangular guide rail, integral bed foot, sleeve spindle configuration. It has the characteristics of good cutting rigidity, good stability, suitable for heavy cutting and high machining efficiency. It is especially suitable for parts of automobile, ship, bearing, military industry and other mechanical industries to be processed with large cutting volume, high efficiency and large batch.
② High speed type
Technical parameters of cky61100 Heavy CNC lathe:

中心高 Center height mm 500,625,740,860
床身上大工件回转直径 Max swing over bed mm 1,000,125,014,001,600
刀架上大工件回转直径 Max swing over carriage mm 62,087,010,001,200
大工件长度 Max. part length   15,002,000,300,040,000,000
大车削长度(床鞍行程)Max. turning length(saddle stoke) mm 13,501,850,285,038,500,000
床身导轨宽度 Bed width   755(可定制810mm)
主轴孔径 Spindle bore diameter mm φ130
主轴孔锥度 Spindle bore taller   公制 Metric 140
主轴转速级数 Number of steps of spindle speed   CKY 型:21 级(手动变速)
CKY: 21 steps (speed manual change)
CKS 型:4 档无级调速(变频器变速)、主轴伺服CKS: 4 steps stepless speed regulation(The frequency converter changes speed). Spindle servo motor
主轴转速范围 Range of spindle speed r/min 3.15-315
主电机功率 Main motor power kW 22
尾座套筒直径 Quill diameter mm φ160
尾座套筒锥度 Quill taper   MT6
尾座套筒行程 Quill travel mm 300
X 向行程 X travel mm 500,625,700,800
Z 向行程 Z travel mm 13,501,850,285,038,500,000
刀杆截面尺寸 Size of tool rot mm×mm 40×40
定位精度 Positioning accuracy mm X:0.03 Z:0.05,0.06
重复定位精度 Repeatability mm X:0.012 Z:0.025
圆度 Roudness mm 0.01
平面度 Flatness mm 0.03/300(只许凹 only for concave)
表面精糙度 Surface roughness um Ra3.2
标准配置数控系统 Standard CNC System   GSK980TDi / 西门子 SIEMENS 808D
随机附件(Standard Accessories):
Φ1000 四爪卡盘及法兰

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