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Jl-yp1900 large LCD panel polishing machine

Model: JL-YP1900

Hits: 103

Type: Special purpose machine tool

Jl-yp1900 large LCD panel polishing machine: This machine is mainly used for polishing large LCD panel workpieces.

Performance characteristics:
While the hanging wall pressurizes and rotates the polishing workpiece, the X and Y directions of the hanging wall system can realize two-way linkage movement, which can effectively control the polishing track, and the polishing effect is more uniform and the yield is higher. The hanging wall can be overturned and tilted to facilitate the replacement of consumables; Flexible loading system to realize efficient polishing of hard and brittle parts. Touch screen, man-machine operation interface, PLC control, friendly interface.

Technical parameters of jl-yp1900 large LCD panel polishing machine:

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