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CKT series CNC lathe with inclined bed

Model: JL4545

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

1、 Application of machine tools This machine adopts FANUC 0I numerical control and industrial control computer dual system, which is suitable for machining pistons with any shape of loading surface (such as ellipse plus eccentric circle, ellipse plus circle, circle plus eccentric circle, staggered ellipse loading surface, etc.). The computer can store the processing programs of various parts, and the selection is convenient. The software is easy to learn, easy to use, low requirements for operators. According to the product drawing, the original data of shape line and ellipse can be input to generate piston processing data. The Chinese character interface has online prompt and help function. The machining process is only one key operation. The system has the function of self diagnosis and alarm. The machine has the advantages of high power, good rigidity, novel and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient and flexible operation, and wide application. The dimension accuracy of the machined parts reaches it7, the surface roughness of aluminum alloy is less than or equal to Ra0.8 μ m, and that of cast iron and steel (280hb) is less than or equal to Ra1.6 μ M.

1. Main specifications Center height 400 mm Maximum cutting length 1000 mm Maximum workpiece weight 200kg The maximum ellipticity cutting range is 2mm Feed (automatic feed) 0.003mm

2. Headbox Morse No.6 front taper hole of spindle Stepless speed change of spindle speed series Spindle speed range 5-1000 R / min

3. Longitudinal feed Lead screw pitch 10 mm Screw rod outer diameter 50 mm

4. Cross feed Lead screw pitch 6 mm Screw rod outer diameter 40 mm

5. Tool holder Full closed loop high frequency response servo turret

6. Tailstock (hydraulic movable jacking tailstock sleeve) Tip sleeve diameter 110 mm Taper of top sleeve Morse No.5 Tip sleeve stroke 130 mm Lateral travel of tailstock ± 15 mm

7. Power system (1) Spindle motor Model yp-50-4 Power 11 kw Speed 1500 R / min V-belt specification a2032 (SPZ) Number of V-belts 8 Model β i2000 Speed 2000r / MIM Rated torque 20n. M Power 2.5kW (3) X-axis servo motor Model β is12 / 3000B Speed 2000r / MIM Rated torque 11n. M Power 1.8kw

8. Cooling system Three phase electric pump model ysb-i-35a (Tianshui Feida) Power 370W

9. Lubrication system Model (Nanjing Becker Machinery Co., Ltd.) v111-2l-p01 Code 18211a-1 Code GM

10. Outline dimension and total weight of machine tool Length 3520 Width 2240 Height 2040 Weight 5.5t

11. The outline drawing of the machine tool is shown in Figure 1a, and the appearance drawing without protective cover is shown in Figure 1b

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