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CNC edge grinding polisher

Model: JL-PB-2M

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

Jl-pb-2m CNC edge grinding and polishing machine: it is applied to the multi-sided forming and edge sweeping and polishing of the middle frame of metal parts and narrow frame parts such as sapphire, ceramics and OGS glass.

The equipment is mainly composed of five parts: base, working chamber, working body, electrical control and outer cover. It is used for multi-faceted molding and polishing of the back shell of other metal or ceramic products such as mobile phone glass, 3D mobile phone cover plate and so on.

Performance and characteristics:

1. This machine can polish the periphery of thin-film parts with multiple pieces clamped at one time;

2. The polished product is fixed by the fixture and controlled by full servo drive to polish with the contour of the workpiece;

3. The left and right polishing heads are driven by servo motor through ball screw. The polishing head makes profiling movement relative to the polished product, with stable polishing compression and high polishing efficiency· The left and right polishing heads are driven by the reduction motor and the cam. The polishing head moves up and down relative to the polished product to make the polished product polished evenly and avoid the polishing lines of the product;

4. The equipment is equipped with polishing liquid spraying device, and the polishing liquid is evenly sprayed on the surface of the polished product driven by the sand pump motor· The polishing head can realize high-speed rotation, left and right feeding and up and down vibration polishing, with diversified polishing tracks, uniform polishing and high efficiency; The polishing body on the polishing head is composed of pig hair or polishing skin, and the polishing effect is ideal;

5. The polishing liquid tank adopts inclined groove drainage structure, which is convenient and fast for cleaning;

6. The installation of water gas separation device in the working chamber can effectively save polishing liquid and improve the working environment of workers;

7. The main guiding part of the whole machine adopts precision linear guide rail to ensure the stability and sensitivity of the machine;

8. The grinding liquid barrel adopts double-layer cooling to reduce the adverse defects of products caused by high temperature;

9. Three stage filtration system can effectively separate impurities and avoid secondary scratch;

10. The system has the function of product processing and piece counting, which is convenient to understand the equipment capacity;

11. CNC control is adopted for machine tool control, with intelligent setting, simpler panel and more convenient operation.
Jl-pb-2m CNC edge grinding and polishing machine

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