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Jl-gp1200 heavy double sided grinder

Model: JL-GP1200

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Type: Special purpose machine tool

All products of double face grinder belong to GP series. At present, the minimum diameter of grinding wheel is 700, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000. The maximum size and diameter of these types of Machinable workpieces are: 100mm; 240mm; 310mm; 400mm; 600mm。 The thickness of the processed workpiece is 1mm-200mm, which shows that it has achieved diversity and double face grinding function suitable for workpieces of various sizes in the field of double face grinding machine.

Brief introduction

This equipment is mainly suitable for double-sided grinding, grinding and polishing of thin and brittle metals or non-metals such as quartz wafer, optical crystal, glass, silicon wafer, gem, lithium niobate, cemented carbide, ceramic wafer and so on. It can be widely used for double-sided grinding, grinding and polishing of hydraulic and pneumatic components, hydraulic motor components, automotive fuel pump components, refrigeration compressor components, oil pump nozzle components, engine components, high-precision bearing rollers and rings, seals, piston rings, measuring tools, molds, instruments, cemented carbide blades, ceramic valve cores, magnetic materials and other products.

Equipment characteristics
The whole machine combines modern advanced technology, modular design and other design means to keep the machine tool simple in structure while maintaining high rigidity, and has the characteristics of good stability, easy use, easy operation, easy maintenance, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.
02 .adopts advanced and stable Siemens PLC control system and rigorously designed casting machine tool structure. PLC provides Ethernet interface, the touch screen control interface is configured with automatic fault detection function, and provides Ethernet interface.
03 .online measurement system: it has a digital dimension control system, adopts German non-contact dimension measurement control device, and the resolution accuracy is 0.001mm, so as to realize the online measurement of machining quantity of machined parts.
04. adopts lever type air bag pressurization with low friction loss. It is equipped with precision load-bearing sensor and SMC electric proportional valve to accurately control the processing pressure, pressure system and spindle speed to realize multi-level automatic control.
05 .adopts vertical independent closed electrical cabinet, and the numerical control part is equipped with reactance filter device. The electric cabinet is equipped with constant temperature and humidity air conditioner.

06 .can be configured according to the application and is suitable for precision grinding, grinding and polishing.

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