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Ckd6183 II CNC lathe

Model: CKD6183 II

Hits: 93

Type: Special purpose machine tool

Detailed introduction of ckd6183 II CNC lathe:
CKC / CKD II Series CNC lathes are CNC horizontal lathes controlled by vertical (z) and horizontal (x) coordinates. They adopt modular Mechatronics design, and their appearance meets the design and requirements of human engineering mechanics. They are fully enclosed protection design. The layout of the left sliding door and the right console avoids the leakage of coolant and provides a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator. The bed adopts the combination of rectangular reinforcement and mountain reinforcement with large width. The overall stiffness is one third higher than that of single wall door reinforcement structure, and the total width reaches 610mm. The machine tool has strong torsional resistance and good rigidity, which can realize strong cutting. It can automatically complete large-scale shaft and disc parts, and turn the inner and outer surfaces of end faces and rotating bodies. It can meet the speed requirements of high-speed cutting of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. It is especially suitable for efficient, mass and high-precision processing of rotating body parts. It is applicable to new energy vehicles, mold manufacturing, engineering machinery, rail transit, petroleum machinery, mining metallurgy, automobile industry, medical technology, military equipment, electromechanical, bearing, carbon, papermaking and other industries.

Equipment performance characteristics:
1. Bed: the overall cast flat bed is cast by high-standard resin sand process. The guide rail surface is wide, medium frequency quenching is adopted, the hardening layer is 3 ~ 5mm deep, and the hardness is more than hrc52. The sliding guide rail surface of sliding plate and bed saddle is pasted with plastic, so that the dynamic and static friction coefficients are close to each other, avoiding the occurrence of low-speed crawling. The key purchased parts of the machine tool, such as CNC system, spindle bearing and ball screw, are products of domestic and foreign manufacturers, so that the machine tool has high reliability.
2. Headbox: unique technical hydraulic automatic shift mechanism, which is divided into three gears: high, medium and low. The corresponding gears are selected according to the processing requirements, and the high and low gears can be switched automatically. The independent oil pump outside the box is used for lubrication, which reduces the failure rate and maintenance cost. It can not only provide large torque, but also realize stepless speed change in each gear.
3. Feed system: the horizontal X and vertical y feed adopts servo motor and is directly connected with ball screw through an elastic coupling; The longitudinal ball screw is fixed at one end and supported at the other end. This support mode can make one end of the lead screw extend freely, which can avoid the extension of the lead screw caused by the increase of temperature in the working process.
4. Tailstock: it is divided into manual tailstock or hydraulic tailstock. Manually rotate the hand wheel of the tailstock to move the main shaft of the tailstock, and lock the main shaft of the tailstock with the locking handle; The hydraulic tailstock makes the hydraulic cylinder work through M command or manual mode to push the tailstock main shaft. The manual locking handle can lock the tailstock main shaft, and the tailstock body can be locked manually.
5. Knife rest: it adopts domestic brand, and the time for each station to rotate is 3 ~ 3.5 seconds. The accuracy of repeated positioning is up to ± 0.008mm. At the same time, in the design and manufacture, high-precision large-diameter gear disc indexing positioning is adopted, with good rigidity. During heavy cutting, the deformation is small, and the machine tool can also be equipped with horizontal hexagonal tool holder, so that the machine tool has more professional machining performance.
6. Hydraulic and lubrication system; the machine tool can be equipped with hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, etc. according to user requirements. The variable vane pump is selected for the hydraulic system, the hydraulic control components are brand, and the hydraulic oil tank is placed on the side of the machine tool. The control valve of the hydraulic circuit is placed on the upper part of the oil tank for centralized management and maintenance. Each hydraulic circuit adopts the installation mode of Superposition valve, which has compact structure and convenient installation. The pressure of each actuating cylinder of the hydraulic system can be adjusted separately, and there is a pressure protection device.

Technical parameters:

主要技术参数SPECIFICATIONS 单位                                                     UNIT 型号 MODEL
CKC/CKD II 6183/6193/61103   CKC/CKD II 61123CKC61143CKC61163
中心高 Center height mm 4154651,5,615,715,815
床身上大工件回转直径 Max swing over bed mm 8,309,301,030,123,010,000,000
刀架上大工件回转直径 Max swing over carriage mm 44,054,064,084,010,400,000
大工件长度 Max. part length mm 1,500,200,030,004,500
大车削长度(床鞍行程)Max. turning length(saddle stoke) mm 135018502850, 4350
床身导轨宽度 Bed width mm 610
主轴孔径 Spindle bore diameter mm φ105,φ130
主轴孔锥度 Spindle bore taller 公制 120,公制 140
主轴转速级数 Number of steps of spindle speed CKC 型:18 级(手动变速)
CKD 型:2 档无级调速(变频器变速)、主轴伺服
主轴转速范围 Range of spindle speed r/min 13-1000/10-800
主电机功率 Main motor power kW 11
尾座套筒直径 Quill diameter mm φ120
尾座套筒锥度 Quill taper MT6
尾座套筒行程 Quill travel mm 260
尾座横向行程 Quill travel of tailstock mm ±15
X 向行程 X travel mm 500, 500, 540, 540
Z 向行程 Z travel mm 1,350,185,028,504,350
刀杆截面尺寸 Size of tool rot mm×mm 32×32,40×40
定位精度 Positioning accuracy mm X:0.03 Z:0.045,0.05
重复定位精度 Repeatability mm X:0.012 Z:0.02,0.025
圆度 Roudness mm 0.01
平面度 Flatness mm 0.025/300(只许凹)
表面精糙度 Surface roughness um Ra1.6
标准配置数控系统 Standard CNC System GSK980TDC/ 西门子 808D
机床尺寸 Dimensions 长 Length mm 3,630,413,051,306,630
宽 Width mm 185,018,501,950,195,000,000,000
高 Height mm 175,018,502,000,220,000,000,000

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